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Halloween is fast approaching and children all around the world are getting ready to dress up and knock on doors to gather delicious treats from their neighbors!


We don’t want you to feel left out so we’ve arranged a spooktacular surprise for you all. Don’t miss out on our Halloween Games filled with Jack-o-lanterns & Witch Hats, Bats & Gravestones, Skeletons and of course Frankenstein! 


From October 1st -30th we are throwing a Halloween party you won’t want to miss. Join us in Money Tree nightly between 6pm and midnight. Every hour we’ll play our favourite Halloween games. The winners of each game part earn a point and a spot on our touranment leaderboard.


Our four best dare devils will share £300 in cash prizes!

  • 1st place: £ 125
  • 2nd place: £100
  • 3rd place: £50
  • 4th place: £25

Play our Halloween themed games from October 1st-30th in the Money Tree room and have a fang-tastic time!



Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion Period runs 00:00 BST 1 October – 23:59 BST 30 October, 2018
  • Players winning any part of any special halloween-themed promo game will earn 1 point on the promotions leader board. This is accessible via the ""?"" icon in the bingo room or via our Promo App button in the bingo lobby.
  • The 4 players earning the most points will share £300 in cash prizes. In the event of ties, players will share prices based on the number of players tied and prizes involved: e.g. If 2 players earn the same highest number of points, they will share 2 prizes equally.
  • To be eligible for prizes players must deposit and wager a minimum of £20 between October 1 & 13 and  £20 between October 14  & 25 **** Players may not deposit after October 25 and qualify to win prizes in this tournament.
  • Leader boards display standings based on bingo activity only. Leader boards are NOT indicative of player eligibility. Players must still qualify by meeting all eligibility parameters. Do not assume you have qualified because you are on a leader board.
  • Winners' accounts must be in good standing during the promotional period. One prize per player.